Warsztaty Wymowy Brytyjskiej
Warsztaty Wymowy Brytyjskiej
A.M. English

Warsztaty Wymowy Brytyjskiej

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Upcoming British English Pronunciation Workshops:

28th February 20:00 


Refine your British English Pronunciation with my structured online workshops.  

Cost: 40 PLN per person, per 60-minute workshop conducted on Zoom. Participants receive exclusive materials and recordings. 

Your experience: 

  • Structured pronunciation learning. Knowledge + Practice format focuses on specific aspects of pronunciation such as sounds, connected speech, rhythm and intonation. 
  • I’ll be leading the workshops using Modern General British (GB) English.

What to expect:

My guidance and feedback: 

  • Benefit from my proven methods as I guide you through each workshop, providing immediate feedback.   

Online Format - your full concentration: 

  • By engaging in real-time online lessons with me - your live teacher, you will stay focused and get the most out of the meetings!  

Group Engagement: 

  • Join our lovely and supportive community, where making mistakes and experimenting are part of the learning process. We support each other without judgment, learning from our mispronunciations together. 

Who can join?

  • Anyone eager to speak English naturally, improve their listening skills and gain confidence in speaking without needing to repeat themselves. 

Your tasks:

  • Turn on your webcam! I encourage active participation, but you can start off as a listener if you prefer.

Reserve your spot today:

  • Simply purchase and message info@am-english.com with your preferred workshop date.
  • You'll receive a confirmation email and the Zoom link. 


Join us or invite your friends to master British pronunciation together! 


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