English Conversation Meetups- connect and practise.
English Conversation Meetups - Connect and Practise.
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English Conversation Meetups - Connect and Practise.

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Upcoming Meetups:  Favourite movies 

We'll be chatting about our favourite movies. I've set up some fun activities inspired by the Polish film 'The Peasants' ('Chłopi' - but no pressure if you haven't seen it) and some popular Christmas classics.

7th December, 20:00   

14th December, 20:00  

21st December, 20:00  


English Conversation Meetups . Let's connect and practise! Boost your confidence, vocabulary, and dive into pronunciation! You're invited to join our supportive group of English enthusiasts who love nothing more than a good laugh while mastering English, almost every Thursday evening! 

The value of this meetup? 40 PLN per person, per session. Each session lasts a dynamic 60 minutes. It's an irregular group, so you'll experience something new every time! As a participant, you'll receive exclusive materials and meeting notes.

I’ll be leading the sessions in English using my Modern General British (GB) English. These Meetups happen online, on the user-friendly Zoom platform.

What to expect: 

  • Join us for lively discussions, games, role-plays and activities covering a diverse range of topics. From personal stories and travel adventures to discussions on TedTalks and movies. Additionally, we delve into eduction-related themes like learning styles, motivation, study techniques and more.  

Why is this online Meetup perfect for you?

  • Freedom lovers rejoice! Join when you can. No commitments, just flexibility. 
  • Say goodbye to rusty English. We're here to get the rust off your language.
  • Stay connected and motivated as our vibrant group inspires action. 

Your tasks:

  • Turn on your webcam! I encourage active participation, but you can start off as a listener if you prefer.

Reserve your spot today:

  • Simply make your purchase and send me a message at info@am-english.com.
  • Don't forget to mention the date of the session you'd like to attend. You'll receive a confirming email from me, along with a friendly reminder and the all-important Zoom invitation link the day before the Meetup.

Join us now, and let's make language learning a joyful journey together!


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