Sticky Vocab

Sticky notes + vocabulary = Sticky Vocab 


  1. Prepare your sticky notes (also called ‘post-it’  as a trademark).

  2. Listen to my tips on sounds, linking words and word stress.

  3. Repeat after me. Several times and always out loud.

  4. Write the examples on the sticky note and read them with me - at the same time.

  5. remember to repeat tricky words every other day.


    Have fun!

    Use your new examples in every possible situation e.g you can write a nice comment to me.



Pleasure /ˈpleʒ.ə/ [noun]

Enjoyment, satisfaction or something that produces the feeling.

  1. The pleasureisall mine.

  1. It’s a pleasure to meetyou.

  1. It’s‿ always‿a pleasure to see you.